1. Slisne ()

    A series of digital artworks made on an iPhone.

  2. putqr ()

    Display a QR code in your terminal.

  3. Sitting ()

    Two HTML renditions of Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room.

  4. Bots ()

    A family of bots writing poems and nonsense on social media.

  5. Quick & Easy ()

    An Anki add-on.

  6. Bitsy games ()

    Tiny browser games made using Bitsy Game Maker.

  7. Tinycards ()

    Memorise facts and vocabulary with flashcards.

  8. Cradle ()

    Explore a deserted place far from Earth.

  9. Disgrice ()

    A NaNoGenMo experiment, crudely defying Grice’s maxims.

  10. Baldric’s Books ()

    An uneventful tale of bibliophilic proportions.

  11. see ()

    A Python library, providing an alternative to the dir function.