1. Download the MP3 and piano score for Andante moderato (2014).

  2. Slisne is a series of digital artworks made on an iPhone.

  3. Published a Ruby gem: putqr displays QR codes in your terminal.

  4. Added Tinycards decks (2017).

  5. Deployed a new website with pages for Projects and Music.

  6. Updated Sitting (2014) with a new variation.

  7. Released an electronic music track, Vexing Triangle.

  8. Ported two Twitter bots to Mastodon: @emojitoemoji and @robotrecipes.

  9. Released a Bitsy game, oh no I woke up on Mars.

  10. Released a Bitsy game, Spookytown.


  1. Released a Mastodon bot, @quasihaiku.

  2. Released my first Mastodon bot, porting @poem_exe from Twitter.


  1. Released a game, Cradle, for Fermi Paradox Jam.

  2. Released Quick & Easy, an add-on for Anki.

  3. Released @dust_exe, my last Twitter bot.


  1. Released an ambient music album, Moonglade.


  1. Released Disgrice for NaNoGenMo.

  2. Released Sitting on tilde.club. This is a low-tech HTML rendition of Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting in a Room (1969).

  3. Released a Twitter bot, @poem_exe.


  1. Released a noise music album, Receptor.


  1. Released a selection of GarageBand doodles from 2010.

  2. Released an electronic music album, Sneaker.


  1. Released an ambient music album, Ida.


  1. Released a text adventure, Baldric’s Books.

  2. Released an ambient music album, Reefersleep.


  1. Released a Python library, see, on GitHub.