Baldric's Books — 5 of 6

Liam Cooke

Release 1

Part - Setting

Chapter - Bookshop

The Bookshop is a room. "Bookshelves tower over you in all directions."

Baldric is a man in the Bookshop. "Baldric sits behind his counter."

The books are scenery in the bookshop. Understand "book" and "bookshelf" and "bookshelves" and "bookshelfs" as books.

Instead of examining or taking books:

say "[one of]You grab a book[or]You [random book action][stopping]: [italic type][random book title][roman type] by [random book author]. It [random book condition]."

Instead of smelling the books:

say "[one of]Mmmm[or]Ahhh[purely at random], book smell."

Instead of tasting the books:

say "[one of]Baldric would not approve[or]You can't afford to do that[or]You sneak a bite out of an old [random author] classic. Revolting stuff[as decreasingly likely outcomes]."

Instead of pulling the books:

if the player is warned:

say "You pull furiously at the book, toppling the entire shelf. Baldric is [one of]enraged[or]infuriated[at random].";


say "You try to pull out a book, but they are packed together too tightly. Baldric casts a disapproving glare in your direction. It would be wise not to continue.";

warn the player.