Baldric's Books — 1 of 6

Liam Cooke

Release 1

"Baldric's Books" by Liam Cooke


At the time of writing, there's a bug with Inform which breaks the play-in-browser page if there's an apostrophe in the story title.

A minor change must be made to the "default_story" line in play.html after building a release. See:


The release number is 1. The story creation year is 2010.

The story genre is "Fantasy". The story headline is "An uneventful tale of bibliophilic proportions".

The story description is "An uneventful tale of bibliophilic proportions. Step into Baldric's Bookshop and see what treasures can be found.

Likely very little. It's a brief, unfinished game, but it does work."

Include Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed, and Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed.

Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short.

Use undo prevention, the serial comma and no scoring.

Release along with cover art, a website, an interpreter and the source text.